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Ciputra University Surabaya held a workshop at SMA Gloria 2 Indonesia. This activity not only involved lecturers, but also several students from the FDB (Fashion Product Design and Business) study program and was held on December 6 2022. This workshop was held for Gloria 2 High School students who were currently in classes XI and XII. will soon enter the world of college. Therefore, lecturers and students held workshops to promote and provide an overview of the world of fashion design for students.

The workshop activities by the FDB study program consist of delivering material about the world of fashion design, some insight into job opportunities in the fashion world, a big picture of the FDB study program, as well as providing a step by step guide on how to make toktotoslot fashion illustrations presented by one of FDB lecturer. Of course, students are also given the opportunity to draw fashion illustrations guided by students and lecturers who have been briefed beforehand. Apart from that, students can also interact and ask questions directly to students about the world of college, from complaints to fun things while studying.

It is hoped that holding this workshop from the Ciputra University Surabaya FDB study program can help students become clearer and more confident about their passions. Apart from that, the FDB study program also hopes that holding this workshop can help and provide new knowledge about the world of fashion that was not previously known.