Discussing the classic style which is often talked about by women, describes an elegant, beautiful appearance, with the impression of an attractive vintage photo. It is certain that fashion has many benefits, especially in this modern era. There are several benefits of fashion in everyday life.

Certainly Confident

Every woman whose appearance is attractive is certainly more confident, not only women but also men. This sense of self-confidence is what influences a person’s enthusiasm in carrying out their daily activities. So that positive vibes arise in him.

Special Attraction

Wearing clothes and looking attractive can provide a special attraction for other people. If combined roro4d with inner beauty, a woman can create an attractive aura and make people feel happy and comfortable around her.

Wearing Fashion

You can pamper yourself by shopping for clothes and then wearing fashion, thereby creating a sense of satisfaction toktoto and happiness with yourself.

Positive Impact

Fashion is to have a positive impact on someone. Because good fashion scatter hitam can also reflect a person’s character. Apart from that, fashion also gives us a sense of happiness.

Clothes Designer

Clothes designer is not a job that can be obtained just by using a title alone. Studying in the world of fashion, especially to become a designer, you will only learn the basics of designing togel singapore clothing and body accessories. You don’t get a fashion designer title just by studying. So what should you do to become a designer?

Designer Competitor

The most important thing you have to do to become a designer competitor is study. Learn about theory and other things related to making clothes. Starting from drawing, making patterns, to learning things related to the materials you will use in making fashion products.

Basic Theory

After you have gained the basic theory and understanding of how to design fashion products, the next thing you have to do is gain experience. Experience is what will make you a designer. However, getting this experience is not easy. You might start with a tailor first.

To Be Quite Simila

This is because the job of a clothing designer is said to be quite similar to the job of a chef. To get the title of chef, you have to work your way up from the lowest position. For example, in the culinary business scope, a dishwasher is the lowest position in a kitchen.

“Students at Ciputra University have access to courses that focus on accessory design, material selection, manufacturing techniques, and marketing of fashion accessories. This helps them develop the knowledge and skills necessary to design and create attractive fashion accessories.”


CEO, Kailitex

Modern Facilities

Ciputra University has modern facilities that support practical learning in making fashion accessories. Design laboratories and ateliers equipped with the latest equipment allow students to develop prototypes of their accessories and understand the production process. It also gives them the opportunity to collaborate with students from various disciplines, creating unique work.